Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 5 - Travel Day

We drove from Amarillo, TX to Abilene TX today. We departed at 10:40am at 26 degrees and arrived at 4:30pm at 46 degrees, and drove 282 miles. It was an uneventful travel day which I really like on travel days.

Arriving at Tye RV Park just outside of Abilene, TX I went to the office and paid John our $21.00 fee for the night.

I mixed the leftover rice and chicken with the leftover taco soup (by the way made with ground turkey, not beef) and heated it for dinner. It was quite good.

We are very close to the highway and trains lines. The trains woke us several times during the night, but we were able to get right back to sleep.

We are still in a state of not believing we are actually living our fulltiming life style. Hopefully it will sink in soon. But no matter we are enjoying ourselves and
Will see ya down the road.

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Randy and Terry said...

After 4 years on the road, we still have to pinch ourselves to know that this is not a dream! ;) At least once a week or more often we look at each other and say "Can you believe we get to live like this???"

Enjoy every moment. It's a great life.