Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, December 8 - Lazy Day & Meeting new Friends

We started the day as normal, I made coffee, got the boys all harnessed up for their morning walk, washed up and brushed my teeth. Then I made the bed and put on sweats. It was a cool morning at 46 degrees.

I sat at the computer while having coffee and read blogs.

After that I bathed Buddy and Mr. B, while Jesse vacuumed. Buddy likes being outside, so we put their kennel corral in the sun on the concert pad, for him to dry. Mr. B is so little he was almost dry from the towel.

Then I took a shower. After my shower I decided to try out the new washer/dryer. I did a load that consisted of 5 days worth of underclothes, 3 towels (thin towels used for the boys) 2 dish towels and a night shirt. I was quite pleased at the size of the load.

It was very quiet until it started spinning. I guess it has different spin cycles. The first one wasn’t too bad, just some shaking until it got to full speed and then smoothed out. But when it got to the really fast spin…WOW! Thought the trailer was going to take off. It shook everything pretty violently.

Jesse thinks the problem is the flexing in the laminate floor. He might have to put some carpeting or wood underneath the washer to keep it from bouncing.

Then, as it removed the water from spinning, it pumps it into the drain but there seemed to be some kind of blockage in the vent because it would not drain as fast as it was pumping into the drain and a bit of water ended up on the floor. Jesse is going to have to investigate a solution for that. The rest of the laundry saga was uneventful. Knew it would take a long time to dry and it did. Knew the clothes would be a bit more wrinkled than a regular dryer and they were.

If we can keep it from spilling water I still think it was worth it.

Once the wash cycle was done and it was set to the drying cycle we were off to get my hair cut, it was 2:00pm (Where does the time go?).

We found a Wal*Mart and I got my hair trimmed there, $16 with tip. Afterwards we decided to drive downtown; we drove around for a short while then back to the RV Park.

We knew that Deb and Rod were staying here at the Park and decided to look them up. They invited us in, and we visited for a while and decided to get together tomorrow for dinner. They were very nice folks and we look forward to spending more time with them.

At home, we walked the boys and started dinner. Someone had taken our picnic table so Jesse had to put the grill on the ground. We grilled some sea bass that was given to us from Adam who got it from his son’s other Grandpa who went fishing in Alaska, and caught it. Thanks Ken and Adam it was delicious!! I roasted some red skin potatoes and onions and steamed some broccoli to go with it.

After dinner and clean-up we watched our shows on TV and went to bed.

Tomorrow we plan to go downtown and site see, so I should have pictures for you.

See ya down the road.


Speedy said...

Jesse...don't waste your time with the extra floor...this is the nature of the beast. Ours shakes the whole trailer and has on ever RV we have owned. Does not matter what you do. OK as far as the drain problem check your vent stack for obstructions. One of my rigs had a piece of the plywood floor cut out stuck in the drain line. When I got past that we had no problems with the draining . Oh by the way take you a nap when the washer is in the spin cycle and it will roll you to sleep. LOL

Joe and Sherri

Linda Goudelock said...

Today, Monday is December 8th. It would seem you are getting ever closer to the valley! Tell us more about this Park. We usually stay Admiraty

can't wait to see ya'll

Linda and Jim

Debbie and Rod said...

Jesse & Ginger, it was SO nice to meet you yesterday. I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight. Hope you had a good time sightseeing.

Debbie & Rod

Anonymous said...

Ginger, You can use Ultra Downey Advanced to help with the wrinkles. Also take items out and shake before starting the dryer. I also dry on the low setting.
Hope this helps. Safe travels.