Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, December 9 – Last travel day until March 1st

We left at 9:30am and arrived at our winter destination Llano Grande Resort at 2:30pm. We traveled 241 miles today and it was uneventful. It was partly cloudy and very warm around 90 degrees.

We did see one of the propellers for the wind turbines being transported and I took a picture. It is really big.


While we were checking in Ed and Marilyn showed up with open arms. We were very glad to see them. They directed us to our site and told us where theirs was and invited us to their place for cocktails and food at 4:30PM.

We got set up, got showers and we were off to meet everyone and I didn’t have to cook. Thanks a million everyone!!!

Left to right-Sue, Ted, Ed and Jerry.


Kit, Linda (behind Kit), Carl, Juanita, Gordon and me.


Last but certainly not least – Jesse enjoying himself.


About 6:15 everyone went to their own homes for the night. At about 7:15PM the wind started to blow as a cold front was moving in, and it blew all night. We watched Biggest Loser and SVU, then walked the boys one last time before going to bed.

Se ya down the road


Unknown said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound surrounded by friends. Washer/dryer sounds like quite a machine! :-) We are expecting the new great grandson to arrive after midnight. They induced labor this morning but like most boys, he'll be here when he is ready! We drove to AL to get our mail today and visit our 'adopted children' so will go back to see the new one on Friday. Lynda and Bob

Speedy said...

Good to see you both made it safe and sound. I know that you will enjoy the warmer weather. Well off and on warmer weather. Texas is so iffy when it comes to weather. I guess we will see you come March then.

Joe and Sherri

Bob and Molly said...

G&J, we're glad to see you've made a happy and safe landing. We're so happy to see you on the road!
Hugs to both of you!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Great, you have arrived, and can relax. It must be warm there in the Valley, you are all in short sleeves.
It is chilly here, north of Houston, and there was even snow on the ground there this morning, and major roads were closed due to ice and accidents. I can't wait till Saturday, when it will warm up again.
I hope that this freeze doesn't get down there to you.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Mark and Dortha said...

Glad you guys made it safe. Enjoy the RGV and don't soak up all the warm weather.