Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, January 20th – A Historic Day

Well this has been an exciting week. Have not had much time to post because of the torrid pace we have here in the RGV.

Yesterday I did my usual 3 mile walk with Heinz, Carl and Ed. Finished that about 8am and then Ginger did her walk with Marilyn. We had to rest several hours from all that exercise.

We did a bit of tidying up and I did a 5 mile jaunt of the bike in search of some scrap wood to use for a couple of jacks I wanted to place under the frame to take out some of the bounce. For those of you that do not reside on pneumatic tires, you would not understand.

At 4pm Gordon and Juanita hosted a cocktail hour and introduced us to their friends Dave and Barb.

We lived in Harford County MD for 16 years and nobody introduced to their friends there. Hmm! After the cocktail hours we headed back to the ranch for sometime with the boys and some TV.

Today was even busier than yesterday. I don’t know how we can keep up this pace.

We are getting up there in years you know. The day started the same with us guys doing our walking thing at 7am. Marilyn was not sure if she would walk because of her Spanish class at 9am.

We got lucky cause the class was at 10am so Ed called and invited us to Mingo’s for breakfast. We really did not want to go but he forced us to go and eat a great breakfast.

Afterwards “G” and I went to Wal*Mart for supplies and drugs. After helping her load the stuff in the house I went to Home Depot for some manly stuff, like a 4x6 chunk of wood for my little anti bouncing project. Spent about an hour milling around the hardware store just looking around like the olden days.

After returning home I showered cause doing manly things makes you smell.

Ed and Marilyn were picking up their good friends Steve and Cathy from the airport for a weeks visit from Missouri and we were going to meet them at Fat Daddy’s for dinner. Ed called when he was on the way and we met at the entrance to the parking lot at the same time. Like Minds! After some good sandwiches and conversation we headed home for TV and stuff.

The weather here has been really boring. 70’s, low humidity and no rain for the next 10 days or so. I guess were stuck here.

Anyway as far as history goes, you all know what happened today. I wrote the blog. Jesse


Jenny Johnson said...

Let's Hear it for Jesse!!!!! RAH! RAH!! RAHH!! If i need help with my blog Jesse I know who to call. Great job on the blog!! I was hooked after the first word.

Linda Goudelock said...

Goodfor you Jesse! If I could only get Jim to write a bit....sometimes we ladies are to busy to keep up


Speedy said...

Good job Jesse. When is your first novel due out?

Joe and Sherri

Debbie and Rod said...

Good job Jesse!! Hey, sorry about your Ravens, I was rooting for them.....

Debbie & Rod